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Originally Posted by Nigelo View Post
Those new VXRs don't seem to be putting out quite the figures you'd expect for the bhp and torque - thinking back to the magazine drag race between one and a RS250 megane and the megane dusted it!
It did fall well short of the claimed figures.

Autocar tested the 0-60mph at 6.4secs and 0-100mph in 16.5secs which isn't that fast for the power.

It did match the Focus RS time on the track though.

The one with 320bhp managed 0-60mph in 5.9secs which is claimed for standard.

Autocar questioned if hot hatchbacks had hit the development cul-de-sac and pointed out that with thousands spent on tuning the M135i was still appreciably faster.

Autocar have the M135i tested at 4.0secs 30-70mph for comparison.

Here is autocar figure.