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Age for me was/is an irrelevance.

I started buying diesel cars back in 2003,the difference in cost between petrol and diesel was the other way around,and diesel per litre was 10p ish cheaper than petrol.
I got a stonking car allowance + the full HMRC rate of return for the fuel,and driving a diesel made sense,and I actually made money + you got the torque that no petrol car could get anywhere near.

Now,whilst I'd miss the instantaneous shove in the back, and the snap of the neck in a big derv,diesel now for me at least makes no sense.

I'd go with a 335i,far,far more tuning potential than the 335D,which is constrained by the gearbox/drivetrain.
I've yet to see a big D get to, or exceed 400bhp, and without a huge injection of cash + someone coming up with a solution that's both sustainable and affordable,it won't be happening anytime soon.

You can't argue the big diesels case,when a 335i can crack 400bhp + with ease,match the big D in torque, and sound sublime,which a diesel will never ever do.

Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
Have a go in my 335i

510lb/ft at 2000rpm.
This for me,proves the case,stonking performance Phil!

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