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Originally Posted by Soorena
Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
M officials may want a Black series competitor, but the BMW Board has final decision, right? And they've overruled M Division's wishes before, right? There has to be a business case...
I'm really sick of this business case thing. BMW sold 9300 Z4 M's in 2006-2008. Mercedes sold 9500 SLK55's in 2005-2010. Now i can't understand how MB can find a business case in producing a new SLK55 but BMW can't find that in producing a new Z4 M. To make things more worse, for the new SLK55 AMG developed a new motor but BMW already has the right motor (S65B44) to put in the Z4 M.

They canceled the M6 CSL project because it didn't make sense from a business stand point, The M8 supercar is a no go, No Z4 M... But in the meantime BMW expands the GT family even though the 5GT only sold 2800 units in 2010. To me it seems that in BMW marketing team someone isn't doing his job right. Shame.
You are right. Remember the leaked photos of the new 3'er GT? What a barf-mobile, then the next day, the 4'er was announced.

Real performance cars won't sell but ugly GT hatchback cars will?!