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Originally Posted by phillip@bmpdesign View Post
Realistically, the benefit of running a wider wheel on the back of an all wheel drive vehicle is minimal at best. Staggered setup is used on rear wheel drive to give an added contact patch for grip on the drive wheels, in an xdrive setup you have almost twice as much contact patch for acceleration grip. If you are going for stance, you are better off with spacers since you will:

-spend less on tires
-run more all season type tires
-be able to rotate your tires if you have uneven wear patterns
-not have to worry about overall diameter differences

I'm not damning the practice, it just seems like a big investment and a lot of hassle for very little return. As Azn_ignite said, 275/30 and 235/35s are the closest setup, but between the sizes you listed 265s would match better than 255s.
I'm jumping in here a little late, but everything you say here Phillip makes 100% perfect sense and is exactly why I am still struggling after months of researching and my Springtime deadline is still quickly approaching with no wheels yet to show for it:

Square: Good for all the reasons you said. I am not interested in the "stance," square looks "clean," is a no-brainer, I drive an xi, so it all makes perfect sense.


Staggered: All for looks. The #1 thing I can't get in square which I find extremely hot in staggered is the wheel - deeper lip or 'cave in the back vs. the front. I couldn't care less about stance, but the look in the wheel I find striking.

Still struggling big time with form over function on this. It's a tough one.