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So I don't have an MOT after all!

To cut a long story short, I don't have a valid MOT on my car - in theory!

I used to have an E46 320Cd but changed to an E91 330d in 2011. I swapped my private plate from the 320 to the 330. I always use a local garage for my MOTs.

So, I take my 330d to the garage for it's MOT in December. Passes with flying colours, I get issued the certificate and all is well. Grand. Until today that is, when a letter from the DVLA drops on my doormat explaining that there is some problem with their records and could I provide them with details of my most recent MOT certificate. I thought, ok, no worries. But then I got thinking and did a quick check on the MOT history page. I enter my reg no and the MOT certificate no and lo and behold, there pops up my old car, MOT passed in Dec 12! So I dig out my V5 and try that, and there's my new car - MOT expired in Dec 12. Sure enough, the MOT certificate I have shows my old car, a blue 320 with a different chassis no.

I think basically what's happened is that they've taken my car in, put the reg no in the computer and they've only seen BMW and assumed it's the same car without checking the model or the chassis no. They've MOT's the 330 but passed the 320! So they guy I sold my old car to gets a free (albeit illegitimate) MOT, and I'm driving around illegally!

Anyhoo.. I spoke to the garage today and they're going to speak to the DVLA for me and sort it out. They said though that because it's been over a month, it might be too late to change the details and they may have to re-MOT my car.. ffs! Ain't nobody got time for that!
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