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I have a question...

Hello and good morning all, I am fairly new to the site and wanted to ask a few questions. I guess ill start by asking, what is the time to get my account on here approved so i can post? Thats really not the issue tho, I live in willow grove pa, and i have a 08 335i. Its stock for the most part tho i have exhaust intake and jb4, the only thing that is installed right now is the jb4, as it is the easiest to take out for warranty work:-/. Now i have it set to boost on gas gauge, and it seems to be at about 16psi on map 1 is that normal? Also every so often(last night) i was omw to philly and i was messing with a worked s2k. He didnt stand a chance, as i see him trying to keep up in my rear view, but i get to about 135 mph and it throws a soft cel, where it is the pic of the motor, not the service engine soon. When i came down to 100mph it went out and every thing was fine, as the s2k starts to advance he gets on the left of me and we do a pull from about 60,i get on it in 3rd and destroyed him up to 145 (no cel) i know its just a s2k but they move and this one had exhaust if nothing more, black slammed on what looked to be bbs. So is there any recommendations as to why this happens. On map 0 i can pull up to 155 no problem multiple times no light. Soon as i go map 1 and do an aggressive pull it does this, but again its not all the time it happens randomly and idk the issue. I have taken it in for warranty work, its gotten injectors, vanos replace, among other things and i dont think the hpfp is bad, anyone have any ideas? Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong place, i am a noop in the regard. but my previous car was an e46 m3, i have had 5, and 3 series, and mom has a 7 so i am no stranger to some of the issues these cars have, but again if anyone had any input it would be greatly appreciated