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I just recently did the switch to jb4 stg 2 ISO with flex fuel wires. I pumped a 40% mixture of e85. I did a couple pulls in 3rd with no issues. My last 3rd gear pull the car through a half check engine sign, service engine soon, a car on a lift and some triangle with a circle around it and and exclamation mark next to it.

My jb4 controls stopped working and the car did not want to turn back on. I checked all my connections and they were all perfect. So I took out the jb4 and the car turned on but I still had the half check engine light and service engine soon.

I plugged in the jb4 again when I got home and it wouldn't connect to the computer. I rechecked the power wire and the 50 amp fuse and it seems fine.

So I took off the jb4 again and I threw on my Procede v5 to see if maybe the issue was the jb4. My Procede controls work and the car starts and shuts off right away. I tried deleting the DME codes with the Procede but I guess it didn't delete them.

Is there anyway I can read these codes on my car?

I'm trying to stay away from taking the car back to the dealer at the moment before having to take all my boltons off.
Anyone know what may have caused this issue?

My current codes thrown are:

10720, 12253, 11352, 11375