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Originally Posted by mcpcolas View Post
Wait there's no MAF on the N54 fuck me . To think I thought I did something , when i really didn't do squat. Well whatever sensor that was it just got cleaned with MAF sensor cleaner , no wonder after I reseted my mpg consumption it settled right back to 12 mpg after a lil drive. Oh well Epic fail
It's not a MAF but it is the Mass Air Pressure (MAP) sensor; does pretty much the same thing, tells the car the volume of air entering the engine. It gets oil on it because the crankcase feeds back into the air intake stream. Totally normal, and the only way to stop it is to vent the crankcase to the atmosphere. Getting a catch can can help reduce the amount of oil getting re circulated into the system though. I got the one from Burger Motorsports and like it a lot; really helps cut down on the amount coating your intake track