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New, need help with headlights

Hello all, like the title says I'm new here and need help with headlights. First, just to let yall know, i know very little about theses cars, so I'm here to learn. My girlfriend just recently bought an 07 328i and the headlight lenses were scratched pretty bad so I decided to buy a new set off of eBay. I bought a set of spyder headlights with the cleared corners. I installed them the other day which was pretty simple other than having to remove the bumper. Once I got the headlights installed I checked to make sure the worked before putting the bumper back on. I then got in the car to drive it and noticed there was a warning light on the dash, which I'm not sure what it means

Here's a picture of it

And the bright lights wouldn't work. I could flip the bright lights on and the light on the dash said they were on but they wouldn't come on. If I pulled the lever back to just flash my bright lights then they would come on. I also noticed the headlights do not move anymore like they originally did with the stock ones. And my last concern is, after only a few days of having them in now the passenger side amber light is not working and when I turn on the right signal it blinks extremely fast on the dash.

Are these just that crappy of headlights or did I miss something during the install??

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!