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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
Thanks for posting this, bud! Its good to see the pics for the next time I'm due for a FF change.

Two things...
-what was the piece you had to hack off & why? I wouldn't have suspected there would be anything that would have to be removed like this.
-I think it would be wise to purchase a BT tool if anyone is doing their own FF changes in order to properly purge the air from the line before attempting to start. Would uou aggree (just in case the hold-the-on-button purge doesnt work)? Running the FP dry for 20 seconds is going to cause more wear than thousands of miles of normal driving. Just a thought.
The hacked off piece was just crimp-on disposable hose clamp clamping the hose around the front nipple of the fuel filter. It is visible on the 5th photo in the middle of the hose (sorry about the blurry photos).

Yes, I would agree that there should be a better way to purge the air out of the system, and verify that it has been done. I couldnt hear the system do much of all in the way of air purging when I held the On/Off button for ten seconds and then waited a minute as per the instructions in the linked article.
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