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Well I HAD a bike, ate it, broke another collar bone lol and it was going to cost more than a grand to fix the bike minus plastics, it was already salvage so I figured ill just sell it and get a car but waiting till I start work in April when I recover, unless I find the right one, not that many with low miles right now
10-4. Broken collarbone is pretty miserable, but I'm glad you made it out with just that. Good luck finding the ride. It's tough to find exactly what you want with the diesels in the used market, but definitely opt for sports package.

Out of curiousity, why go from a gixer to a diesel bimmer? I would've suspected a pure sports car if its a bike replacement.
Well I had a v8 impala and that thing killed gas for no reason, dont have kids nor married so got the bike for daily commute and gave my car to my sister. and looking into cars I'm in the 35kish market for my next car and I have seen some of these go for way less with less options and after reading here Im really interested In the engine being diesel, dont really care for it being s bmw not a materialistic person but what
really caught my attention is the warranty bmw offers compared to getting a cheaper faster American car right now Ive always been in the American 'built not bought' mentality wanting to build my own but seems like bought not built is pretty good fuel consumption wise with all that torque lol
I also drive alot so fuel consumption is something I considered after having the impala pumping every 3 days
I'm also taking classes here and there for alternative fuels and just really interested in trying different things, I use to work converting vehicles from gasoline to compressed natural gas, pretty fun job alot of r&d but I stopped because I'd rather work on vehicles then be an 'installer'
Living by the Los Angeles ports gives me alot of opportunities since all of the big rigs ate alternative fuels phasing out the original dirty diesels