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Cool Feeler - COMPLETE SQ plug & play audio system - Perfect for BASE stereo systems

I am currently debating whether to sell all my audio gear and use that money to upgrade my suspension, brakes and other bits and pieces. Ever since i got the new car my feelings have been to mod more on performance. If i could afford to i'd keep all of this and upgrade the suspension and brakes now. Things are just a bit tight so just seeing if there would be any interest in the WHOLE package.

This really is a plug and play package all it needs is someone to put it all together. I am not going to comment on how good all of these components are, just have a search and it will be crystal clear to you All i can say is when i had everything fitted it sounded bloody amazing If you have an E91/92 some minor modifications may be needed.

Morel Dotech Ovation 4" components including:

Adaptors for E90, morel xover, OEM connector, OEM E90 window trim with tweeter space, all speaker wire from speaker -> xover -> boot. Fully Boxed. Bought around 6-8 months ago from Autoaudio (the only official morel dealers in the UK)

Jehnert XE200 8" woofers including:

OEM woofer enclosures (no grill) and adaptors to enable fitment. They will be supplied with speaker wire already soldered onto the terminals. Bought in Germany direct from Jehnert. Still have the receipt somewhere I think.

Helix P-DSP

Fully boxed with a 5m usb cable to wire up to the glovebox. This will enable tuning from a laptop. Brilliant little DSP. Has the best user interface IMHO. DSPs are a must for serious SQ upgrades. I can also provide one of THE BEST sq tutorial/test cd's, Autosound 2000. It comes in a 5 cd pack and retails for 80 from USA. Topics include soundstaging, imaging, seting gains etc. These will help anyone to gain knowledge and learn by hearing.

Vibe Litebox Stereo 4

Nice compact amp, bought a few months ago from a member on here. I used this to power the morels and jehnerts. 4 x 90w of clean class AG power.


One of the best sub amps. Would be an insult to try and talk this up more, doesn't need to be! Any doubters are free to have a look on talk audio. Always raved on about.

Fi IB3 12 subwoofer including:

Carpeted baffle (95% match to OEM carpet) to enable sealed OEM standard fitment of the sub on the rear seat, i.e firing through the armrest. This sub is made for IB (Infinite Baffe) installs and will use your boot as its box. Have a search and you should find that IB is the best install methods to get the bass into our cars.

Included in the whole package:

1) A fused distribution block, 2 inputs (1/0 AWG and 4 AWG) and 4 outputs (2 AWG and 3 x 4 AWG). Fuses also included. This is so that you can have one 1/0 AWG cable from your battery then split the power to your various amps safely and effectively. It is this exact one There will be a spare output left for any future power needs.

2) 0/1 AWG power wire with a inline fuse (either 150A or 200A), enough of it to go from battery to distro block in the boot tray.

3) All wiring neccessary. And i mean all. Technics harness, speaker wire, ground/power cables and RCAs. The cabling is top notch and was sourced from Mr Singh. The ONLY thing you would need to buy is speaker wire to wire up the underseats to the vibe amp.

My thread on the IB install including pictures of most of the things on offer here:

If anyone requires pictures of anything i am happy to put some up, just let me know.

At this moment in time, i will only consider offers for the whole package. It's perfect for someone who wants to upgrade their audio and improve SQ. Bear in mind that these aren't your run of the mill products so no silly offers! Like i said i'm not even too sure if i want to let all of these products go