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Originally Posted by BMWNTHZST
my wife's 335i has 51,000km and suffers from carbon build up too Direct Injection is a crappy design

I'm scheduled for the walnut blast on Monday. My question is...moving forward what steps can I take to prevent this from happening again? Should I be using a product such as ZMAX every 5,000K ?

By the way I've always changed the oil in my car every 5,000K and I only put in Shell 91 gas.
After reading as much as I have.
I have come to the conclusion;
Carbon build up on intake ports is a common issue, and nothing to be overly worried about.

Every 40-50km get it done.
I have heard of this being done as low as $300. And as high as $1100.

I could have done it myself, but was just busy, and no local Indy shop to do it.... There are none around me.

Carbon build up is a devil, we have to live with owning a twin turbo car.