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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
I personally would not go any higher than 3500 Hz (My Rainbow crossovers are 3400 Hz), and 5000 is definitely way too high for my liking.
Kaigoss, I am going to try your recommendations.
At the moment my mid crossovers are set LP @ 6Khz.

I was going through L3 manual and I came across something interesting. As we know that HAT team has won mutliple awards and their recommended setting are;

your desired crossover frequency for the Legatia midrange and/or midbass should be one that allows the midbass or midrange to play as much of the audible spectrum of the spoken voice to ensure point-source delivery of the tones and pinpoint image definition. In many cases, this would be around 200-250 Hz for high pass, and around 6,000 Hz, or higher, for low pass. In all cases, the chosen crossover frequencies should be evaluated for sonic character, while balancing distortion and power compression at high amplitude levels.

Have your tried your mids at higher LP frequencies?