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Originally Posted by TheDeliverator View Post

They would like to bring cars like the CSL here... but they can't\wont.

How much time is even left to order an e92 M? Last year, I placed my order on June 26th, 2012. Vehicle was finished on August 17th (a little over 6 weeks). The 2 door M3 is slated for 2014 right (2015 for the M4)? The time frame doesn't leave much time before production of the new 2014, 2 door M3 at the Regensburg plant. 8 months or so from now, peeps will be putting down cash for the new M3. Some are already getting on the waiting lists... and yet there are going to be more special edition e92's?

Seems to me if these (even if they were the same rehash BMW marketing different paint USA special eds), they would have needed to be announced at Detroit.
...we're talking about an F80 M3 CSL, not another E90 variant.