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Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
That's what happens when you get cocky and produce little benefit over the competition for more money.

The "regular" guys BMW is getting more and more expensive and options are also be coming more and more expensive.

It's not worth trying to get into a bimmer anymore because you have to prepare yourself for a second mortgage.

You might as well go to the competition (American brands) which are just as performance oriented without the luxury brand tax. And we're talking tens of thousands here.

Yes, you can argue that it's still a BMW and money is spend on good quality parts, trim, interior and what not, but e nought to warrant $10-$20k price tags? - cant say I warrant that.

Want a nice track oriented car these days? Go buy a base model Stingray. Beautiful car and will eat an M3 any day at $15k less.
Corvette is certainly a nicer choice over the current M3 (since it's 5-6 years old already).
But you need to understand that people do save money over maintenance when GM does not provide any free maintenance.