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Originally Posted by zsupreme View Post
just got this thing installed today and its pretty damn loud. It might be because the tips are almost aligned with the bumper (didnt have the tool to adjust) but damn, its loud lol. Had an AA gen 3 on my e36 m3 and it was a good bit quieter yet refined. I had a dinan intake with it so maybe this thing needs an intake on my 328i to get it to tone down.

Noticed drone around 2-2.5k rpm as others have experienced.

1. it seems like one side hangs a little lower than the other (left lower than right). Can this be adjusted? It looks like you can loosen up that nut and adjust the height on the right side.
2. what tool is needed to adjust the tips?
3. does an intake system theoretically change the tone of the exhaust?

well ill respond to my own post here. Got the exhaust evened out and pulled the tips out a little bit and that helped reduce the droning.

Only problem is now my car VIBRATES/RATTLES very noticeably at 60mph ~2250 rpm. Im gonna try the wine cork method mentioned earlier but god damn its annoying.

Think it could be the install? Im gonna try and take it to a shop next week to see if they can figure anything out