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Thanks for posting the pics!

When I changed the filter, and also when installing the 2um Stanadyne Fuel Manager final filter setup, I had to use the BT tool to energize the low pressure fuel pump to flush/prime the system. The Start/Stop button did not work for me. I'd highly suggest you prime the system to get fuel (the lubrication) to the HPFP before trying to start the car, for the long term health of your HPFP.

How to use the BT to initiate the low pressure fuel pump:

"However, if you were to, say, use a BT ( then you could go under the Fuel Pump menu to the Activation sub menu and turn on/off the in tank lift pump. The fact that he wrote “may take a few cranks
” to start his engine makes me believe he wasn’t, in fact, initiating the lift pump like he thought. I think this because for, some reason, I know that if you cycle the lift pump with the BT then the engine will fire up as fast as normal.