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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
If the policies of President Obama are so horrible, then why are corporate profits up 171%?

What a useless comment. Corporate profits go up for ALOT of reasons, corporations lower costs to improve their bottom line, espcially to make earnings numbers look positive to impress shareholders. How do they do this? by setting up the corporatation in corporate tax havens, moving manufacturing OFFSHORE to China or other places etc etc.

Obama as much as he keeps telling everyone they didnt build it and so they owe the government more, he is flat out wrong. His policies and laws have not improved company profits at all..... CEOs and executives running corporations making strategic choices made these profits possible. Government involvement in a free market always causes dead weight loss!!

Furthermore, percentages are never a good way of displaying success in the business world. 171% from what? a massive downturn where last month or last year we were in the negative? Proportionally this number is almost always skewed and not reflective of just profits going up. i.e. Im running a corporation, i made a dollar this year, next year i made 2, oh look my profits went up 100% but the real impact is miniscule and meaningless cause i only made a buck. Looking at this in a percentage helps hide the real number and story behind numbers.