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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
I've heard the xDs are pretty snappy in terms of recoil, Glock like. LMK how you like it, I've been fiending for a compact .40 recently. Esp. with how much other ammo costs, nearly a dollar a round for .223
I love it have a 45 ACP and a 9MM as well, perks of knowing too many people who own guns shops I suppose. I have never been a fan of the Glocks just based on the feel in my hand from that damn hump. Just doesn't feel quite right for me.

I had to start reloading so I can afford to shoot these days. Went from spending 30-60 cents around to about 12-19 cents. But yes, .223 is just insane these days.

Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
Ahh I see, awesome. So you sell it, and I fix it when they break it
I am sooo happy I can just sell support from the manufacturers so I don't have to deal with them. I hate doing the install or fixing issues, it just eats up my time or one of my guy's time and I don't need that.

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Being able to go and shoot after a long day/week/whatever is fucking awesome! Any stress that was once, is now gone.