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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
Wow, 6 pages on yet another "how old are you" thread.

Does any one of these ever get started by anyone over the age of 20?

Who gives a shit how old you are, unless you are one of those 20 year old asshats in a blacked out 335i (bought used of course) driving like you own the road, in which case I only hope there's no collateral damage when Darwin catches up with you.

But if you are a nice kid enjoying a nice car, I couldn't care less how you got it and what you think about your or other owners' age. All this age crap is just another symptom of our cars being perceived by superficial douches as "the symbol of success". If you drive a BMW because you are a real car enthusiast who loves cars, I fail to see any reason why you would care about anyone's age.
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