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Originally Posted by jk688 View Post
So, i got Performance exhaust installed to my E92 330i 09'

Problem: it was like vibrations coming from the engine / instrument cluster, or somewhere around there. only happens in 2000RPM, it happens when i drive the car to 3000-4000 RPM (car travelling at 40-50 MPH) then i let go the gas pedal making the RPM down to around 1000 (but car still travelling around 25MPH) then hit the gas pedal again and when it hits around 1700-2000 RPM the vibrations happens.

i already notice this problem since last week and decided to drop my car in BMW,, the dealer said there was no trouble in the component, they only reprogram the car??

pick the car up today, got so excited. i thought everything's gonna be solved.
IS THIS DRONE ??? if it is i have no problem with it, cause i understand cars fitted with exhaust mods will dronee...

I think its just some loose part inside the car which vibrates with with exhaust. its not drone. in 6MT i hear some vibration noise if I push gas at lower speed in higher gear.