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Originally Posted by Danny.B. View Post
Thats a good call.

I felt like it should be done as its been over a year now since its last been done!
Remember that sensor checks the wear and tear, but not the condensation in the oil. Also, if you do a lot of short journeys, your oil filter will be more susceptible to blockages caused by the condensation of water in the oil.
Same applies to Crankcase breather valve (CCV) and with short trips, when you do not drive on optimal temperatures for engines, condensation increases in the oil ----> oil filter / CCV blockage.

I have simple rule of thumb. BMW tend to change CCV on E46 after every 60K. They have modified the design of CCV on E90 and now recommendations are on 100K or as per required.
I still make E46 as a reference. So if your car is sub 60K, follow CBS.
If you car is more than 60K, I'd ideally change the oil when winter is finishing (to take out oil with plenty of condensation due to weather + short trips).

But then I may be overcautious.