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Originally Posted by idrift4wd
Originally Posted by Be Awesome 335i View Post
wow, you guys are harsh.. I know people need to search and do research however, if in fact you know the answer....why not help a fellow tuner out and give them the answer!? OP, good luck resolving the issue as i will be installing DP's soon myself and hope i don't run into any problems.

forgive some people on here, i can only assume they dont know either which is why some are so quick to say
Originally Posted by Wolf 335 View Post
People need to stop being prick asswipes. If you dont want to help because you are fed up or annoyed then dont reply and move on. Instead of wasting a post space on nonsense put some valuable info in it and help the guy out.
im all for helping people, but there are some things people SHOULD know.

If someone asked why the gas light is on. why help them?

OP just said there is a code. what do i do? well thats not enough to get a decent answer. we are not wizards who know exactly what code he is throwing. how can we help? if OP has a JB4, he SHOULD know how to use it and how to enable autoclear and read the code. He should also know that removing cats will throw a code on any car. If anything you're the prick/asswipe giving him wrong information without knowing whats wrong.

my guess is 02 sensors.
Wow...what a dick comment...

I hate when users get on here and give people crap from not searching ahead of time. If anything starting a new thread that has been talked about previously is a good way to re-open that discussion and new members or older ones with new knowledge can then chime in!

Ppl aren't going to repost in a thread that's 2 years old. Give ppl a break, even if they don't know exactly what they are doing to their car they are obviously on this forum to learn!
Throw them a freakin bone here

Plus in the end, it's there 50K toy to break, wreck, drown, race, fuck, do whatever in!
It's all good, can't we just...get..along? Ha

Peace out,

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