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Oil Level overfilled or not? "OK" Vs "<MAX"

Okay long story short. My oil light came on saying to add +1 quart. I bring it to the dealership to get it topped off. While I was waiting inside, I look out the window and I see him with two bottles of oil. I went outside and asked why do you have 2 quarts of oil when it says it only needs +1 quart. He tells me he just poured 1 quart of the bottled in and used the 2nd bottle to add only a tiny bit more so I won't have to keep coming back for a low oil warning. This scared me as I don't want to overfill and BMW says no more than 1 quart in the manual. From what he told me it looks like he poured no more than 1 quart and a half in it. Prob 1 Quart and just slightly more.

I drove around all night my oil indicator says oil level "OK" everytime I checked. It's actually showing one bar less than full. Am I okay here? I read the bmw manual and it says it'll indicate you if your oil level is ever too high with the code ">MAX". It doesn't show that at all. Am I safe?