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I'm on my second or thrid set of conti 5p tyres, running 265-30-19 and 235-35-19

On this car I've previously run, Bridgestone(both rft and non-rft), falken fk452, Dunlop SP Sport Maxx, and now conti 5p.

The rear tyre wear consistency is remarkable !! Out of several sets of the about, the contis are the only ones that have a 1mm variation across the cross section on the rears.
The fronts again, they wear very very well, minimal shoulder scrub and no inner edge wear.
I know wheel alignment play a large factor in the wear rates, but even with the correct wheel alignment (adjust at one place and checked + verified at two others) the inner edges on the rears would be bald with 3 and 4mm (in some instances) left on the rest of the rear tyres.
As I do like to drive swiftly, the centre sections use to wear slightly more than the rest of the tyres, a characteristic of over inflation, but it wasn't.

The steel internal construction of the conti tyres has improved the wear consistency remarkably.

Tyre life, grip and traction, again, all round good, tyre longevity is raeasonable for the performance returned.
I the wet, corner grip is rewarding, and inspires confidence.

Sadly, the only two sets of the older versions of the Michelins I've had we're on different cars, my old S4 and and E46 M3, but sadly these were purely recreational cars, so driven in a very different manor so wouldn't be an unfair and indirect comparison


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