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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
to run map 2, downpipes and 93 octane are "required". For the charge pipe suggestion, you technically dont need one. I would get one if 1. Diverter valves arent holding boost properly 2. if you want a Blow Off Valve/ meth bungs 3. OEM charge pipe pops off.

you can hook up your jb4 to a laptop and configure your "lagfix" which will help with hesitations as it will spool up the turbo a bit quicker. Though your car shouldn't hesitate too much. I would play around with map 5 as it will auto-tune depending on your mods. Its usually alot faster then map 1. It should also be safe for a relatively stock car.

hp increase id expect from map 1 is around 40-50 HP. so maybe around 310-320hp to the wheels. guesstimate.
When you say i would play around with map 5 what does that mean? run it on map 5? I only have an intake and 93 octane.