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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
I was just checking to see if you'd spot my deliberate mistake,you were still awake

Of course they are 790.40 + delivery,so well done

Upsizing - wider tyre,more rubber to grip the tarmac,better traction,less of the T/control disco light!

I can't offer a comparison in honesty Mo, as I've never used either of your two preferences.
The price of the Vreds would put them in a different league I guess,perception and reality is often blurred though.

I found the Vreds significantly better than the Falkens I used to have fitted,and by some margin, and the price saving over the other two (PSS/Conti) cannot be ignored.

I'm sure many will agree,but just as many will disagree.

170.00 ish will go towards your other kitty,and you'll have more rubber to boot
I guess if you found them significantly better thank the falkens, they have to be good, and you're right, the savings of 170-200 can go towards my other expense and would really help out. But the other 2 tyres "seem" like the ultimate. Need to think this through! What tyres are you running and any idea what you'll run next?

They are also upsized I am guessing this will help with the ride as the sidewall will be slightly wider? How about implications for insurance/warranty?