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Well strange enough my Bosch wipers don't shutter when they reach the bottom like the oem ones. Thank god ,
With the oem ones u touch them and they have room to wiggle when clipped in but the Bosch ones don't , so must be in the design of the them
Lucky now I can sleep better at night

The Bosch aren't as pretty but fit in the groove better wich must stop them shuttering
Now I wonder if I will get a refund or a credit at BMW tomorrow?

This adventure has now cost me $300 all up and 3 trips to BMW on my day off and hours and hours of time cleaning a windscreen and my windscreen is fine bmw did say it was ok and no chips
Will let u know how I go ..
Lesson learnt should have kept old wipers till they played up and get Bosch wipers next time , maybe the flat ones to look better