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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
They are also upsized I am guessing this will help with the ride as the sidewall will be slightly wider? How about implications for insurance/warranty?
Marginal difference in the sidewall Mo, the profiles (height of sidewall) 35 front/30 rear stay the same,it's just the width of the tyre that differs, hence more rubber across the width.

I'd stick with the OEM profile,especially with your other proposal/s,no implication on warranty,with perhaps the exception of changing to non run flats,so BWW could unjustifiably deny a claim for cracked wheel/s, twats!

Insurance,OK your changing from the OEM size, however the other indices remain as OEM or better.
For me,insurance and tyres is a moot point,as long as there black,round are of good quality,are upsized and not the other way around, and meet all British tyre standards,denying an insurance claim for deviating from what a car manufacturer recommends in size is a nonsense.

Has anyone had it happen?
Has anyone heard of it happening?If yes,I'd love to read about it.

The tyres on the car were on it when I bought it

The above is MY opinion, and I've never declared upsized tyre sizes to an insurance company,nor would I.

If I were buying tyres again,I'd go with the Vreds,cheaper than the 'Ultimate' tyres which are your preference,but is price alone a defining factor in a better tyre,I don't think so.

A brand snob,would vehemently disagree with me,so be it

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