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Originally Posted by apme123 View Post
I had 2 e90's you turd. All of my vehicles have been exceptionally maintained by me. i have never screwed up any kind of repair. what do you think it says about a person when they don't read the owners manual and just think ohh, if i can add oil into my radiator maybe it will go into the crankcase. Drive an S2k, its unlike any kind of honda you have ever driven.
Well what badassfajita was saying, regardless of how an S2000 drives, was you suggested that the OP (who you called an idiot and retarded) not try and maintain his own, fine German automobile, and suggested the the OP sell his BMW and buy a Honda (apparently because the owers of Hondas need no DIY skills to own one); which, since you own a Honda, can be transferred as all Honda owners, regardless of model owned, can be or are idiots.

It was a dammed good reply to such a harsh statement as you originally posted.