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Originally Posted by Casca View Post
I used a K&N oil filter before when they had them on sale. Looked exactly like OEM, made in Germany and the part numbers/printing on it was like it came from the same factory as my Mann filter. 99.9999% positive that K&N just re-badged Mann filters as their own.

Ok, I see. Gonna assume this is the K&N filter you got

which is probably the same as this aFe

If I opened up the box and those were the filters I saw, I would have sent it back to Amazon for a refund. No way I'd put that crap in there. Looks like K&N changed suppliers for the worse, much worse. Bosch filters look exactly like those too. No doubt they come out of the same factory in China.

This was the K&N filter I used

STP oil filters for E90's are also re-badged Mann filters, at least they were last year.
This makes my point perfectly. None of the filters I saw sold by Amazon were anywhere near being less expensive than just getting the OEM from BMW as part of the Tischer oil change kit.