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OMG.....I found something in my Turbo!

My HFPF replacement I did probably took 2 hours tops, however somewhere along the way I thought I dropped the bolt that holds the OE charge pipe down the front intake tube that leads directly to the front turbo......

Borrowed my neighbors snake with a light and magnent and fished around for quite a while and didn't see anything in the pipe. I then found the bolt that holds the charge pipe sitting in the engine bay....hmmm, did I drop something or not down the pipe?

For assurance, I then looked up some part diagrams thinking there must be some type of screen within the turbo inlet that would prevent such debris from destroying the turbo and beyond....however didn't look like there was anything.

I decided to go back out and I got the snake all the way down and actually saw the fins of the turbo inlet...pretty cool....NOT because there was a torx screw inbedded in the fin looking at me $$$$$$$$. It wasn't the bolt that fell down the tube, it was the dang tool....

Took a little repositioning of the snake/magnent, but I got that $15,000 torx bit out of there.......decided to return the tool, buy my neighbor a 12 pack of Heineken...which I ended up drinking in celebration!

When in doubt, get it out!
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