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Lightweight Flywheel - Durability?

Been given advice from a few different people and can't decide on a OEM or lightweight flywheel when I do my clutch here soon...which will be a stage 2 or slightly higher type of clutch kit for the additional power I am putting to the wheels.

I am told you should not use a lightweight flywheel with a turbo. I also was told lightweight flywheels warp easy....concern to me because I want a durable clutch.

I do prefer more of a feel for the clutch when driving (similar to my old e46 m3) and don't want a chattering type of clutch and don't mind the turbo's spooling up quicker with a lightweight flywheel as most of my driving is done down below 4000 rpms...never launch and dont track.

Again, just curious about the durability of the lighweight flywheel..... and yes, I know how to drive a clutch...the original clutch with 120,000 miles is still in my car!

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