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Question Alloy refurb/repair - any ideas on this one?!

Maybe a long shot, but wondered if anyone has any bright ideas for this?

I'm in the process of selling a set of alloys that I had on my previous car (Golf). 3 of the alloys are in great condition, however one is a little worse for wear.

Long story, but in short: unknowlingly I drove around for a couple of weeks with a rear brake pad that had delaminated thus leaving, I believe, the caliper piston making contact with the disc directly. (Yes it did sound bad and eventually I got it sorted but I hadn't realised it was quite that bad!) Anyway, as a result, I had hot metal fillings falling onto the inside of the alloy and the centrifugal force then keeping them there. That has resulted in nasty brown patches of what feels like essentially a layer of rust. It won't come off easily with a pressure washer but will come off if I approach it with a flatheaded scerwdriver. This is not ideal as I don't want to risk scratching the alloy coating underneath which would not help the look.

In an ideal world I'd love to get all the brown stuff off and get the alloy back to it's original state so I can get a half decent price for the set. Any bright ideas about how to attack this one?? I had though about an acid bath maybe? But then that would entail taking the tyre off which I'd like to avoid ideally.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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