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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
Damn man, don't do it! Just get a JBD (or something equivalent from Germany) and you will have all the power you can handle!
Lol at the moment the power is more than enough for me. Maybe as its all new to me. But what I really want to do is upgrade the suspension so all the power can be used properly. Then when remapping it should go like a gem

But i do understand what you're saying. It seems a real waste just to sell everything as I know i'll miss it. I guess at the moment i'm just amazed with the power and it's distracted me from audio. I know the sensible thing is to wait and upgrade my suspension in a few months. I still may do this if no one wants to buy all of it.

Another option I was thinking of is selling everything apart from the harness, p-dsp and vibe amp, and get a drop in kit for the front for the time being.

But it's still all up in the air at the moment! I just hope if i do sell it all, i wont regret it when the suspension/power upgrades are done. I have a feeling i will miss it on a fine summers day