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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post

I must admit I didn't realise the expense was that much.

I still would have thought that an independant would be able to get it done for at most about a third of that. If the amount on the warranty invoice is X, almost halve that for a normal customer bill IMHO (Maybe that's too extreme, but we know an invoice to insurance is always somewhat inflated .. ) and then take into consideration the 140/h labour that could be 50-60 at most independantly.

Still. Ouch.

But I'd rather have a chain go than a turbo spit it's internals into the block, in terms of an expense without warranty. 164 > 177 for sure.

I've also seen upteen topics about the 164 turbo issues and this is almost the first I've heard of the timing thing. Surely a pretty rare occurance then ?
The invoice was for úzero but I used online catalogues to try and calculate it at retail prices. Trouble is if a chain goes then it can be as terminal as a turbo failure. If you're lucky it will just bend the valves...if you are unlucky the valve heads snap off and then you're into piston and bore damage. There is no way that the chains (all 3 of them!) should require any work during the normal lifecylce of the engine...else they wouldn't have chose its location to be as it is. Looking at online catalogues there is a new part no for the chains but not for the guides. Maybe out of date catalogues.

I guess there isn't really a lesser of the 2 evils here... However there is this forum atleast to read and try and be aware of the shortcomings of the various engines

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