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I like the Mercedes CLA, and I usually hate Mercedes out of the big three German companies. The Audi A4 has gotten too big and bloated for me, and the new Audi A3 is a huge disappointment because it looks like it was designed over 10 years ago. I still like BMW's F30 design but I never warmed up to it's squashed front end.

I like the CLA because the car designers took some chances with it. It's different. Not different in an Aztek way, but in a good way that the car stands out from others on the road. I don't like every design element but I like enough of them to purchase the car. Only the sport version has those big front intakes. IMO, BMW's F30 looks nice from all angles except for the front and it kinda looks a little cold by comparison. The CLA looks more like it was designed by a Renaissance artist with all its flowing lines. It looks more cohesive. More emotional. If Leonardo Da Vinci were driving today, I think he might drive this car :-)

I've seen the USA estimated price sheet for the CLA250 and you can get a somewhat optioned CLA for $33,000 MSRP. That includes leather seats, xenon, 18" sport wheels and wood trim. Yes, it's FWD but AWD will be available later for an extra $2,000. I think it will most likely compete with the BMW 320i so you're looking at low 30K's territory. But I think a BMW 320i may cost more when you compare item-for-item. But competition is good for consumers and the CLA gives me one more choice to consider in Sept when I look to purchase my next vehicle. I'll take one in bright red.

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