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Short version: it's too much

Long version: I have an Excel sheet that computes the yearly cost of ownership. I usually aim for sub-$7000 per year. The numbers you have provide come out to ~9300/ year.
I almost got a lease on a F30 328 that would have come to 7050 / year, but the dealer didn't take it in the end; that said, had I have given 3000 extra (-> 7800 /year) I think they would have taken it.
For comparison, my E90 CPO, which I aim to keep for 7 years in total), comes out to 5700/year (estimating 7000 in repairs during 3 years out of warranty).

You friend would be paying 37000 over 4 years, which I think is simply too much (I don't think the vehicle will depreciate that much). That's basically what I paid for my '09 328 1 year ago (with extended warranty for 4 years); so, after 4 years, your friend would have to give back the car, while I would have a 6 years old car in my name (worth ~18000).