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As promised, pics of the wheel in some orderly fashion..
This is by no means a DIY thread.. just some pics I took along the way. I won't be responsible if you something goes wrong whilst you perform the same.

I used the following link when I did mine, very simply step by step guide! Thanks to the poster of this linky -

Name:  photo 13.JPG
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Bog standard SE Wheel as you can see

Name:  photo 11.JPG
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In order to remove the Airbag module,you need to press that pin / rod you see inwards on both sides, either together or at a time.. this was the hardest part and took about 20mins to to, rest was a breeze! (sorry for pic on it's side!)

Name:  photo 10.JPG
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Airbag module pops out happily. Just be careful to gently pry up those black flat tabs which you see on both of the plugs. Use a flat head scredriver, gently bring them up, they'll open and then you gently lift out up the connectors.
Name:  photo 12.JPG
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Here, use either a 17mm or 16mm for taking off the old steering wheel and putting on the new M3 wheel. I used 17mm and it worked a treat. When you align the new wheel back on, make a note of the green line dead centre of the screw hole, it seriously helps to put the wheel back on, otherwise you might be there for some time trying to push the wheel and wondering why it's not happening!
Name:  photo 9.JPG
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So the SE wheel side by side witht he M3 DCT wheel and the two trims..
Name:  photo 8.JPG
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M3 wheel Trim or the High Gloss Black trim which I bought off Hotcoupe.. called 'The Thingymajig'!
Name:  photo 7.JPG
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The new wheel with the DCT Paddleshifts
Name:  photo 6.JPG
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M3 Wheel back on with the gloss black trim. I have sold off the M3 wheel trim and decided to stick with the Gloss Black trim, personal preference!
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Name:  photo 5.JPG
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Anyways hope you like! I certainly do! Just a shame I couldn't really test the paddles out sine my car got a flat tyre

More pics coming.. but it's by far the best Mod I have done and probably will do interior wise. The feel is so much better. More grippy, soft material and unlike the hard shiny material on the SE, this really makes a massive difference in the drive factor / feel. I love it!
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