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Originally Posted by Tracus View Post
I don't think somebody in here hates Mercedes, most likely you are pointing at people just because they express their opinion. If somebody does not like something, it doesn't mean hate is the main reason. Please be considerate and use your logic before posting something like that. You are jumping to conclusions without actually comparing the two.
The front of the CLA it is too busy, that is the truth. And is everywhere. And that grill looks gipsish, kitschy, look at it.
The tailights that you praise, just look at them. Are they nice? Maybe, for some people. Original? Yes. So is the Fiat Multipla. But these tailights look together like a buterfly. Would I like a butterfly tailight? Hm, maybe not me, sorry. So, which is the girlish car?
3series is a girls car? You make me smile. So, who are these "people" who are saying that? How about 1 series? Is your girl able to run the RWD 1M in rain and snow? They come in red too you know...

Bmw lines are refined, clean and flow in a certain pattern without ending weird. Mercedes lines want to flow but they are way too curvy, they kinda go everywhere. Bmw has angles in design, Mercedes has curves everywhere. Which elements speaks too you in "girlish"?
Put them aside and see which one impose respect and agresivity and which one is the one that it has the "uncertain" look.
Mercedes has luck wit that grille in the middle that defines it as a brand, otherwise is kinda trying to define its design. The Ferrari nostrils in the front bumper are way too big for the car. How that shiny, busy front grill works with black wheels? Does it say "sporty" to you? Really?
Yes I like some Mercedes cars, but not this one. And as I said, they rust like crap, why should I buy one? I never thought Mercedes will be that way.

I Germany they say, when you buy a BMW you also buy the "get out of my way factor". Look at the BMW in the rearview mirror.
This is the first time when I hear 3 Series is a girlish car. Yeah, if you order it in pink...

Whoa, im in no way being "inconsiderate" and im not jumping to conclusion on my statement what so ever.

this is a bmw forum, there are many of people who hate mercedes. Would i get a c class? no, why because its boring in my opinion. I rather have power then comfortability, which mercedes does offer.

you're a hypocrite if you think the CLA is busy in the front and most certainly is NOT THE TRUTH. The truth is you dont know what you're talking about. please man, the front is simple, yes it looks like its puffing its chest, but it is pure mercedes and is original. grill looks gipsish? are you blind? why would you use that word to describe the grill lol. please man. its the CLA.... a smaller version of their CL/CLS line. They did a fantastic job. The rear end looks way better then the audi a4, F30, and c250/300 in my opinion. BMW is more of a sports car then a mercedes will ever be, comparing the 3 series to a C class, everyone knows the BMW is a much sportier better handling car. mercedes is about elegance and professionalism, which i think they achieved with the CLA. Line going nowhere? have you seen other cars on the road? hyundai? infiniti? smh. would i buy one? sure if they offered a better engine.

you are also illiterate. i said "some people think the 3 series is a girls car". i didnt say I THINK THE 3 SERIES IS A GIRLS CAR. i drive a 3 series if you didnt know.... LOL.

CLA looks much better in my opinion, im sure a general non-bias consensus would say the same.

please... jump to conclusion my ass. you need to read better bro. ABC & 123.