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Friday 5pm, 2000m+. Perhaps no need for winter tyres this weekend....

.....saturday morning, snowing a bit now....

....mmm, err, might need chains here....

...going to need a shovel....

...this this where I left it?

....borrowed a shovel....

...loads of grip, didn't need chains even though I parked on a slope. Impressed with the vreds, very good, no wheelspin at all when getting out of the space which was quite a surprise to be honest. There was so much snow it was piling up everywhere from attempts to keep roads passable. thing I couldn't fix was the fact that the road from Andorra to France was closed, hence ended up heading to Spain to get home...

....massive detour, took hours longer, but scenery not too bad.

PS the 911 is a standard 85 3.2 carrera with ducktail.
340i F31