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Originally Posted by KayMo View Post
sick car,imagine if u have quad set up with those tips
thanks, my original plan was to do quads. I'm happy I didnt though, 4" quads are too much. e92 can pull it off better than the e90 if you were to do quads
Originally Posted by Duck360198 View Post
Beautiful stance and those those Vars are gorgeous! I suppose I could just click the build thread, but which deck lid is that?
Just click the thread hahah
Originally Posted by J-Spec Dan View Post
finally glad to see those wheels on your car.

sidenote: swirl marks...
yeah the back was just repaired, I've washed it once before I took the pics. It'll be fixed, its unnoticeable if it wasn't directly in the sun.
Originally Posted by BigNate View Post
holy shit those look great! so aggressive please do the quad tips next!
in the future if I do custom made a diffuser
Originally Posted by MassBimmer View Post
Love the car, looks incredible
Nicely done!
Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Damn your car has come a long way in a short time! Love the wheels! Beautiful car -- well done.
I've had the car for a while slowly doing mods. Finally all the pieces are starting to click
Originally Posted by JMD415 View Post
Serious pipes!
go big or go home
Originally Posted by FrankiE90 View Post
very nice.
I'm still a very big fan of blacklines.
ur bimmer has the classic
look of the modded e90 back
in days (07-08 era).

when all the guys over in Japan would rock pre-lci mtech with the studie lip. clean drop on some 19 bbs. blacklines - studie rear diffuser.

and when arqray just came out
with the m3 front bumper for non-m3
- memories.
even the vorsteiner hood - part of that era.
enjoy ur dd.
Got my car in 2010 and everyone's car seemed like mine. People were starting to get into fully modded LCIs and custom made parts. I've always just modeled the car after those with pre lci back in 08 just with a little newer parts. Thanks for helping me out around the way
Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
maaaaaaaan that looks SIKKKK i love your ET's especially your rears... congrats on the new setup and thanks for sharing, oh and also..

LTMW FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks man appreciate it. LTMW is the car's second home
Originally Posted by gotchuckz View Post
nice one on the sponsorship. the wheels look great on your ride.
Originally Posted by bbarclay410 View Post
NOW your car gets my approval.
I feel blessed
Originally Posted by JasonDCarton View Post

Originally Posted by 335(EX)(EYE) View Post
Man u need a serious detail how shit paint
thanks for pointing that out I didn't notice
Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
buffer trails are horrendous!
I got my car back a week ago, sorry if my paint quality doesn't meet your standards. Guess a couple swirls on the rear bumper with the clarity on light room turned up and the sun directly on the rear bumper just takes away from everything else