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Originally Posted by Raja Ventureshield View Post
going from 17 to 19 on that car the difference will not be significant. 20+ is when it will get a little rough and that too if you don't have air suspension. I previously had 05 Cayenne S with factory 18s and went to 22s with no major roughness. Although the gas mileage went down. I would highly consider meeting this guy at the tire shop so you can have it inspected and make it happen. No a big deal going from 17 to 19s. PM me if you have more questions. Thanks!
I appreciate your feedback!

I have a couple of more questions though,

How would I validate that they are authentic porsche rims? I really don't want to be buying a replica rim for durable's sake. I have seen that some rims have a number on the inside of the wheel but not sure what they can do for me.

Also does anyone know a rough estimate on how much it would cost to get there Rims refinished?
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