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Originally Posted by jaykad View Post
Does the "IS" Semi Tuned have problems with its Dual clutch transmission slipping Gears?
In the begining during the breakin period, depending on driving habits, there should be some sort of slippage.

DCT controller learns driving habits and applies more pressure to the clutches when "needed".

If you are a person that 90% of the time is a cool mo dee cruiser then all of a sudden want to drive like a bat out of hell then yes you will experinece slippage

If you are 70%+ enthusiast driver, more torque is being used so the DCT will adapt to these demand.

When adding more power, you have to let the DCT adapt and recognize the new torque/hp. You will expereince slippage at first then the adaptive function will adjust.

SO everyone should keep in mind, clutch pressure is applied based on detection of torque. We have a passive DCT clutch system

Originally Posted by sjarjeessd View Post
just got my car back from service earlier and it is FINALLY starting normally again. turns out they found 5 injectors leaking, removed all 6 spark plugs and found 5 plugs soaked in fuel. all of that has now been replaced..!
I am experencing the same thing, glad you got yours fixed. I would get long cranks, or rough start ups also. Been holding off taking it to the dealer. Only one time it threw a code but I cleared it like an idiot though

Funny though I have no problems with driving performance. Its only on the cold start ups after the car has rested for more than an hour