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Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
Well to be honest TCK didn't really address much. I was hoping for a slightly more detailed answer as to why we want a positive rake when it creates more understeer in this condition. Also, I'm an xi, wouldn't I benefit from a little more front turn in with a negative rake?
While I can't speak for TCK, I think they assumed you wanted rake for the aggressive stance. So I'm guessing 3/4" would be the max you could go without feeling any negligible effects.

But I agree with your intuition on the more rake you have, the more the car would understeer as it would tend to nose dive more. I'll let the xi owners chime in but is the car's weight distribution any different than a non-xi model? If not, I would imagine whatever works on a rwd should work for xi. If the xi is more front heavy, then you probably want to go with less rake.

But like I said end of day, if you're willing to spend the $$$, a corner balance would yield the appropriate height for best handling (ie it'll take the guesswork out of how to set the rake). Set the overall height to what you like, and the corner balance would then tweak each corner separately (and you may see variances of up to 1/2" between corners).
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