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Originally Posted by yEBMW View Post
I'm interested in being a tester. Please let me know.
Hi yEBMW, thanks for your interest, but we have already found a professional guy to test it already.

If you want to get a good head unit asap, great news to tell you, now we're starting the group buy for D5114F in the near future with good price! Would you like to join? Just let me know! Or would you still like to wait for the new D5165 unit? If so, I can send you Email once it arrives. Is it OK? If so, just PM me your Email is OK, thanks!

Originally Posted by Maaarkk View Post
Interested in getting a price
Hi Maaarkk, thanks for your interest! OK I'll send you price later.

Originally Posted by AAM76 View Post
I am interested on group buy for D5114F.

Any one installed this on 2009 E93 ?

How can i find if I have digital hifi system or analog ?
Hi AAM76, thanks for your interest! There is an installation pic in E90, but actually the interior of E90 and E93 are the same, you can also refer to it, quite nice installation:

I think you can ask if it's digital hifi system or analog through your car provider. Thanks!

Would you like to join the group buy in the futuer? Thanks!