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20" BBS LM Rep Fitment/Tire Question NEED HELP!

Alright so Im about to order a new set of wheels, and I have always loved The look of BBS LMs and CHs, LMs being my favorite
The one thing I could complain about the LMs step lip design sometimes makes 19s look more like 18s IMO its not the worst thing Im still cool with getting 19s but Ive seen another member had a set of 20in LM reps on his e92 and looked perfect to me

The Wheels that Im looking to buy have these Specs
20x8.5 ET37 Front + 20x10 ET35 Rear

Im sure they will fit (Maybe Im Wrong) but what Im wondering what tire size should I run. Im currently on stock suspension but am in the middle of getting a drop, nothing crazy just need to get rid of excess wheel gap but ill wait to get the wheels to see how I'm sitting

If anyone could confirm that 20x8.5 ET37 Front + 20x10 ET35 Rear will work and what tire size to buy I would appreciate it

This is the link to the other member I saw who had 20" ESM LM Reps
20x10 +20 20x8.5 +15 LM Reps 255/30 225/30

Thanks In advance!