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still thought the officiating was garbage. Not a single hold was called the entire game. Not just on the ravens, there were 2 plays where holding wasnt called on the 49ers, however the most crucial plays of the game the refs completely fucked up. The 4th down pass to crabtree, the jacoby jones td run, and the safety. On the Jones run bruce miller(number 49) was held by 2 ravens right in the middle where jones ran by. On the safety Anthony Dixon(number 24) was being grabbed around the waist for a good 2-3 seconds.

Regardless of the shitty refs im very proud of the offense from my 49ers. I cant even imagine how explosive we can be next season. With 14 picks in the draft its necessary to load up on defensive players. We need to increase our depth on the Defensive line as well as our secondary. Congratulations Ravens. Im boycotting ESPN for the next couple weeks because i cant handle hearing anymore about that murderer Ray Lewis