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Did you get the part about fiber optic interface

Did you get the part about fiber optic interface
You mean tap the output of the L7 amp and an use the the speaker level drivers outputs as preamp signals for aftermarket amps .
Using an amp to drive another amp is not a clean way to do things .
You could do that but you might need level converters to reduce the
output of the the L7 output.
Technic does not make a harness for doing that as far as I know.
I don't know exactly whats in his ms-8 harness but it might be useful for that.
Most here would not do that for anything but a sub setup.

Also the ms-8 does some things the the stock L7 can't .
It has auto eq and better surround sound and has the proper inputs for the Hi Fi output of the Head Unit.
You can't calibrate the stock L7 setup to my knowledge which isn't
much since I never had one.

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